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Look better,

      feel better...


If you’ve tried diet and exercise but still have fat and inches you just can’t lose... It’s time for Zerona.

Zerona is the only clinically-proven, safe, non-invasive body contouring treatment.

In as little as two weeks, you can look and feel better.



Zerona treatments are most effective when done in a series of 6 or more treatments.

Check out our series packages with valuable bonuses to support your inch loss.​

Happy woman in summer dress on beach at

Spring Specials

6 Zerona Body Sessions

NOW $850

Premier Body Contouring Package

NOW $1300



What is ZERONA? 

With circumference reduction laser therapy, the Zerona Z6 laser by Erchonia emulsifies, or liquidates fat from the hard to reach areas of the body.  The laser is applied externally and has been proven through double-blind, multi-site, placebo controlled clinical trials to emulsify adipose tissue.


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